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About SigEp

Striking a balance is important; balancing work with play is a constant need throughout one’s life. Here at SigEp, we strive to be balanced men. We like to kick back and enjoy the finer points of life, and we also support each other in our schoolwork. Being able to balance is critical in college and beneficial in the future. And after all, to get the true college experience, you have to enjoy yourself a little!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to live at SigEp?
For less than half of what you'd pay for RPI room and board, you can live in the SigEp chapter house complete with a chef. Housing grants are accepted.

Will I still have time for school?
As demonstrated by many of our members and alumni, it's more than possible to have time enough for both school and SigEp, plus other extra-curriculars. In fact, many members notice an improvement in grades.

Who gets a Bid?
SigEp extends bids to any men that we feel exhibit the qualities that we strive to perfect. Chief among these are our cardinal principles: virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. These are demonstrated well along the way into the halls of our fraternity.

What about joining other clubs?
As we mentioned, it's definitely possible to engage in other extracurricular activities while affiliated with SigEp. In fact, it's encouraged that our brothers go out and make the most of their college experience.

What about my friends who don’t join SigEp?
There's always time for friendships and relationships outside the house. Although fraternal bonds are some of the strongest around, everyone has friends who are just cut from a different mold. All of these friendships are definitely encouraged.

Sigma Phi Epsilon and Our Community

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a proud member of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Greek
community and a proud member of the greater Troy, NY community. We are always
striving to make our community a better place through service events in and
around Rensselaer’s campus. Participating in IFC sponsored service events, such
as Riverfront Park cleanup, we can come together with other Greeks in an effort to
positively affect the state of our Alma Mater, as well as the city of Troy. However,
we are not limited to working with the IFC and often look for projects of our own to
improve our community.

SigEp has worked in several places around the capital district, including Christ the
King Retreat Center and the Cathedral of All Saints, to give back to our community.
In addition to our local service events, we also work on philanthropic endeavors for
larger organizations such as the American Red Cross, the America Cancer Society
and Japanese relief efforts in the wake of the Fukushima power plant disaster. For
example, we were able to raise over $700 for Japan, which was then doubled by our
school. Furthermore, SigEp continues to run the largest and most successful blood
drive on Rensselaer’s campus and most recently was the top earing team in the
annual Relay for Life. The blood drive raised 117 total units, which helped over 351
patients for the American Red Cross, and our Relay for Life team was able to raise
$6,077 to benefit the American Cancer Society, the most among all participants.

SigEp is planning several more events for the near future and endeavors to expand
its positive influence on campus, while continuing to contribute to YouthAIDS,
Sigma Phi Epsilon’s national philanthropy. In addition to our Blood Drive, our Relay
for Life team, Youth Aids and our local community service work, we will be looking
to work with students from neighboring Troy High School as well Riverfront Park.
Through all of these efforts, Sigma Phi Epsilon will continue to set the example for
giving back to our community.