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2014 Balanced Man Scholarship Finalists

2014 Winner

Maxwell Maritato

Balanced Man Scholarship 2014 Winner

Hometown: Shoreham, NY

Major: Chemical Engineering

Interests: Track and Field, Jazz Trombone, Volleyball, Hiking, Chess, and Basketball

"To me, true balance is a unity between mind and body. To accomplish this, one must diversify his/her experiences, and give the utmost effort in all that one does. This does not necessarily mean that you must succeed at everything, yet it means that you try your very best."

2014 Winner

John Vincent Parin

Balanced Man Scholarship 2014 Runner Up

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Major: Computer and Systems Engineering

Interests: Violin, Karate, Community Service, Mathematics, and Computer Programming

"I believe a balanced man is someone who is not only active physically, but is also active mentally. It is someone who is ideally able to balance his intellectual strengths and skills of his mind with his physical strengths of his body. It is someone who can endure any obstacle within his life in order to become a better man and develop a healthier body."

2014 Winner

James Carnes

Balanced Man Scholarship 2014 Runner Up

Hometown: Pulaski, NY

Major: Business and Management

Interests: NROTC, Sports, Studying Language, Greek Life, Lifting Weights, Basketball, Running, Student Government, and Music

"Being a balanced man means being a well-rounded individual with good moral standing. It is not necessarily being the best at everything you do, but it is giving your all at everything you do."